I am a US Air Force veteran living in central New Hampshire.

I had worked for the same company for 10 years before closing their doors in January of 2020. I have held many positions within that company which has given me a vast range of knowledge and skills.

  • As a Mechanical Assembler I have experience in…
    • Ensuring proper assembly and operation of Mechanical Assemblies
    • Troubleshoot and repair assorted mechanical assemblies.
    • Mechanical Assembly Quality Control Inspector
    • Mechanical Assembly Supervisor
    • Training new employees to assemble various products.
    • Analyzed and rewrote procedures/training manuals to improve efficiency.
    • Designed flexible training programs for in-house employees for technical and non-technical users.
    • Proficient in the use of most hand and power tools.
  • Working in the Machine Shop has given me experience in…
    • Manual machine operation
      • Toyoda grinder
      • Manual Engine Lathes
      • Bridgeport Mills
      • Other assorted shop equipment such as presses, grinders, etc.
    • CNC Operator
      • Leadwell 3-axis vertical mills
        • MCV-1300, MCV-1000, MCV-500
      • Leadwell Lathes
        • LTC-50, LTC-30, LTC-15
      • Mazak VARIAXIS i-700
      • Mazak INTEGREX i-400
    • CNC Coding (G-Code)
      • Various Fanuc controllers
    • Machine Shop Quality Control Inspector
      • Create methods for tracking certified calibration of measuring devices.
    • Machine Shop Supervisor
  • Working as an Electronics Engineering Technician, I have experience in…
    • Troubleshooting and repairing of assorted electrical devices.
    • Working with various test equipment
      • Digital and Analog Multi Meters
      • Oscilloscopes
      • Waveform Monitors
      • Function Generators
    • Electronics Engineering Quality Control Inspector
      • Create methods for tracking certified calibration of related test equipment.
    • Electronics Engineering Lead Technician
  • Shop Foreman – Responsible for all aspects of production and product flow throughout the manufacturing process.

Prior to 2010, I spent over 10 years in the Video and Security (CCTV and Broadcast Equipment) field. My experiences include…

  • Aiding in the installation of new video surveillance equipment
  • Electronics Repair technician.
    • Test, troubleshoot, repair electronic security and broadcast equipment.
  • Embedded device Programmer/Developer
    • Create, review, and test new firmware for use in embedded security devices.
    • Create Windows based User Interfaces.
  • Provided customer/store support, involving problem solving, procedural changes and corrections.
  • Supervisor of team of 5 support technicians.
  • Provide phone and in-person support.

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